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Krone Champions Radmarathon

Krone Champions Radmarathon

The Krone Champions Cycling Marathon represents the supreme discipline of the Wachau Cycling Marathon and leads through the most challenging sections of the Wachau and the Waldviertel. The route leads over the Seiberer via Lichtenau to the Ottenstein reservoir. After Mühldorf, the Jauerling has to be climbed before heading towards Melk. Via Maria Langegg and the Windstallgraben, the route leads back to Mautern, where the finish line awaits after almost 200 kilometers of racing distance and over 3,000 meters of ascent.

Route and altitude profile

Length: 194 km

Total ascent: 3,1359 vertical meters

Difference in altitude: 680 meters (altitude from 194 meters to 874 meters)


For the Krone Champions Radmarathon, the following checkpoints are set in coordination with the authorities. Participants who have not passed the checkpoint by the specified time (or if it is clear that they will not reach the next checkpoint on time) will be excluded from the classification. We ask for your understanding that no further security, catering or services will be provided after the end of the specified time.

  • Scheutz 1 (kilometer 35): 10.40 am
  • Scheutz 2 (kilometer 80): 12.45 pm
  • Gut am Steg (kilometer 104): 1.50 pm
  • Am Schuss (kilometer 126): 3.00 pm
  • Donaubrücke Emmserdorf/B3 (kilometer 142,5): 3.35 pm
  • Maria Langegg (kilometer 167): 4.45 pm

Refreshment stations

Refreshment station 1: end of Scheutz (kilometer 35.2)

Refreshment station 2: start of Scheutz (kilometer 81.7)

Refreshment station 3: Maria Laach (kilometer 117)

Refreshment station 4: Maria Langegg (kilometer 168.7)

Austrian Touristik Road Championship

All athletes who are Austrian citizens and have a valid licence (UCI/ÖRV) for the current year for the Amateurs (M+W) and Masters (M+W) classes and/or are in possession of a Cycling Austria Member Card are eligible for the Austrian Touristik Road Championships. The Austrian Championships in a class will only be carried out if there are at least four (eligible) participants at the start. If there are three or fewer (eligible) participants at the start, the championship in this class is not held. The Austrian champion in each age category is entitled to take part in the UCI Gran Fondo World Championships in Denmark (at his/her own expense). If the athletes fulfil the necessary criteria for participation, they automatically take part in the Austrian Touristik Road Championships by registering for the Wachau Cycling Marathon (on the defined route). The Austrian Touristik Road Championships will take place for Cat. 1 and Cat. 2 (women and men: 19 - 34 years and 35 - 39 years) at the Krone Champions Cycling Marathon - for all other classes (Cat. 3 - 10) at the Raiffeisen Power Cycling Marathon. All Austrian champions are asked onto the stage at the winners' ceremony.