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We try to address the issue of sustainability in as many ways as possible during the Wachau Cycling Marathon. From an ecological point of view, we strive to reduce waste to a minimum. For example, we often reuse advertising materials or do not use a separate box for cakes at the food stations. We collect all unavoidable garbage along the route in designated garbage zones and place great importance on correct separation of waste at the event site. In a social sense, we have been organizing a school competition for several years in which schoolchildren design the start numbers for the Wachau Cycling Marathon. The aim is to inspire children and young people for sport and cycling. We also attach great importance to equal opportunities for all genders, which is reflected in the prizes as well as the age categories. Last but not least, in terms of economic sustainability, we make sure to attract as many regional products, partners and service providers as possible to the event in order to keep the value added around the event in Lower Austria.