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3 good reasons for the Wachau Cycling Marathon

3 good reasons for the Wachau Cycling Marathon

Our cycling event in the Wachau is the highlight of the summer for us and many participants. If you are still unsure, here are 3 good reasons for you to take part in this year's Wachau Cycling Marathon!

#1 Get caught by the cycling boom

We all know that cycling is healthy, helps relieve stress and can be done anywhere and at any time without much effort. In recent years in particular, cycling has experienced a huge boom and many new hobby cyclists are now on the road. Our Wachau Genuss Radtour is the ideal entry route for the Wachau Cycling Marathon with its approx. 50 km to enjoy the scenic landscape of the Wachau and experience the unique atmosphere of the cycling marathon!

#2 (Re)discover the Wachau World Heritage Site

The Wachau can be rediscovered again and again, even by long-time (cycling) fans, and it is not without reason that it has been named "The Best Historic Destination in the World" by UNESCO. With our three routes, cycling marathon beginners and full-blooded cyclists will get the most out of the Wachau and the Waldviertel.

#3 Because excitement is the greatest joy

Setting a personal goal is very important in order to start training with motivation. Knowing what distance and what time you are aiming for makes training easier and fun. Regular training brings the best results. What's more, the earlier you register for the Wachau Cycling Marathon, the longer you can enjoy the excitement and look forward to the event!